Equipment list

by Maria

Every competitor is required to carry mandatory equipment on the course and present it to marshall on request. Some equipment is required on specific stages, some equipment is required all-time. Sections below clearly specify, when equipment is required. 

Some equipment is required on per person basis (marked as pp.) - this means that every person must have it along the specified part of the course. The other equipment is required on a per-team basis (marked as pt.) - this means that every team must have these items along with them on the specified part of the course. 

All-time compulsory equipment:

  • Tracker – pt. (provided by race organisers)
  • Timing chip – pp. (provided by race organisers)
  • Race bib – pp. has to be your outermost garment (provided by race organisers)
  • First aid kit – pt.  [2x 1.5 m long (unstretched) roll of 5 cm wide crepe bandage, 5m long roll of 2 cm wide strapping tape, Triangular bandage, 4 x pain relief tablets (that can be used to treat pain in case of injury while help arrives – always follow the directions for taking medications), any Competitor specific medication]
  • Emergency blanket – pp.
  • Telstra mobile phone in a waterproof bag – pp.
  • long sleeve Thermal top – pp. (short sleeve plus arm warmers not acceptable)
  • Waterproof jacket – pp.


MTB leg compulsory equipment

In addition to the all-time compulsory equipment list

  • MTB number plate in the front of the bike - pp. (provided by race organisers)
  • Mountain bike - pp. [road bikes are not allowed, cyclocross may be ok if you’re experienced rider and have checked the race course.]
  • Pump, repair kit, spare tube/tubular - pp.
  • Helmet Aus Standards Approved - pp.


Paddle leg compulsory equipment:

In addition to the all-time compulsory equipment list

  • Kayak sticker - per boat (provided by race organisers)
  • Dry bag with spare dry clothes: thermal bottom, socks, buff/beanie - pp.
  • White water helmet - pp.
  • Paddle - pp.
  • PFD - pp.
  • Whistle attached to PFD - pp.
  • Kayak, surfski or other suitable paddlecraft - pt. (all boats should have trailing rudders or no rudders)


25km run compulsory equipment:

In addition to the all-time compulsory equipment list

  • Drinking system - pp. (at least 1-liter capacity)


In the dry bag or wearing: 

  • Thermal pants - pp.
  • Waterproof pants - pp.
  • Fleece top - pp.
  • Full fingers gloves - pp.
  • Beanie/buff - pp.
  • HEADLIGHT - pp.


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