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Baw Baw Extreme is an endurance sports event consisting of five legs; two running legs, two mountain bike legs, and a paddle. 

For the majority of participants, it is more a personal challenge to complete the course, rather than a competition against others. However, for the pointy-end athletes, some of whom will come from overseas and interstate, it will be a battle for a cash prize pool. 

Two race options are available: 

  • Two Day event- participants complete the course within two days with an overnight stop in Erica; or 
  • One Day race - participants complete the whole course, non-stop. 


You will need to have a support crew to help you with logistics. 

You can race solo, in a relay team or in an AR Duo team (team of two, where both participants race together for the entire event and kayaks are supplied as a part of entry fee).

The race course covers 84 km and consists of running, kayaking and mountain bike legs. 

After each leg you will reach a Transition area, where you will have access to all of your gear. Check out the course details here >>

The Event HQ is at Baw Baw Alpine Resort. Baw Baw Resort is approximately 2 hours from Melbourne airport by car. 

This is where registration, the finish and presentations will take place. The race course is stretched over Baw Baw National park and surrounding areas, starting from Walhalla. The full details here >>

The race will be held on the weekend of 22nd  - 24th of April 2022, with registration held on Friday, the 22nd of April

Here is the link to the full race schedule >>

We recommend staying at the Baw Baw Alpine Resort as this is where registration, finish and race presentation will be held. 

Mt Baw Baw village also offers a variety of on-mountain accommodation options, including 22 lodges, 10 apartments, two cabins and a hotel.

We are working on accommodation options, stay tuned.

Accommodation options >>

No, this is not a navigation based event. The full course will be well-marked. However, we recommend having a rough idea of the course and try to check it out beforehand if you have a chance. 

  1. Secure your spot - REGISTER for the event;
  2. Find yourself a support crew who will transport your gear and help you to get changed from one discipline to another in Transition areas; 
  3. Check out the gear that is required for the event;
  4. Prepare yourself, physically and mentally. It will be a tough weekend. If you have not competed in long events, we highly recommend starting with the Two Day event. 
  5. Off-road running practice and river paddling skills are the must;
  6. Keep training and stay excited


After registration, you will receive event updates and the final Event Information pack about 2 weeks prior to the date of the event.

Solo competitors and AR Duo teams will complete the whole course on their own, with the support crew allowed to help only in Transition areas. 

Relay teams will swap members in each transition area. Support crews will bring all gear to the transition areas for all competitors. The detailed logistic planner will be available approximately 2 weeks prior to the event. 

A transition area is a place where relay teams will change over, Solo racers will meet their support crews to change their gear from one discipline to another and where participants have access to their food, etc. This is the only assistance allowed during the event.

Most of the transition areas will have a designated parking zone and toilet facilities.  Water will be available at some. 

Support crews have to be self-sufficient and bring everything their participants might need during the event.

It’s a good idea to check the course beforehand and at least have a rough idea of what the course looks like. 

The course is fully (and well) marked, with all intersections marked with arrows, and ribbon placed at least every 250m. The rule of thumb is that if you follow the trail and have not seen the marker for more than 500 meters, you’re most likely in the wrong place and should turn back and find the marker - most likely you have made a wrong turn.

There is a bus shuttle from the Baw Baw Resort to the start of the race. The cost is $25 and bookings can be made. (Stay tuned, the link will be here)

There is an extensive list of gear that every competitor is required to carry with them for the entire event. This is an Alpine area and the weather can change very quickly. First and foremost is your own safety. The full list of gear is available here >>

A wide range of bikes is available in Baw Baw Resort. Please follow the link to find out the details >>

Boat hire is available for the race, for all details and bookings see here >>

This topic should be approached from different directions, depending on your initial skill/fitness level and racing goals. 

If you have got a strong training and racing background in other endurance sports, for example:

  • Ultra-running, cycling, triathlons - then skills should be your main focus. 
  • Downriver paddling, trail running, mountain biking - filling out gaps you have got in any of these disciplines. If you have got off-road experience in each discipline, then general fitness and endurance should be your prime focus: longer training sessions on the weekends and shorter, fast sessions during the week.

Preparing your gear and going through all aspects of transition areas with your support crew and planning your nutrition is vitally important as well. 

Here is our 10-week training plan which aims to successfully prepare you to complete the 2-Day Baw Baw Extreme Challenge >>.

Get excited and keep up with your training. There will be a final update sent to all registered participants about 2 weeks prior to the race, with all final information in one pack. 

On-site registration will be held at the Baw Baw Resort on Friday, the 22nd of April, where you will receive your race pack. Race check-in is on Saturday morning at the race start in Walhalla and then the go time.

Post some information about yourself and what sort of team you’re looking for on the FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/206241690519196/ and hopefully, team mates will find you, or you will find them. Ask around, send us email.

Any mountain bike will do the job, however, a hardtail will most likely be the fastest option, as the course is relatively non-technical, with only some minor single tracks.

Cyclocross may be ok, but it depends on your abilities. If you are thinking about riding a cyclocross, we strongly advise you to check the course and make sure you’re comfortable with it.

The lead racers will wear triathlon shorts and cycling jerseys for the entire event, while other participants will get changed at every transition area. 

Depending on your race goal, you should consider wearing clothes that you are the most comfortable in for each discipline, e.g. cycling shorts for the cycling legs, neoprene pants/shorts/suits for the paddle – depending on the weather on the day and your paddling abilities. 

The temperature can drop significantly on the last running leg and you can get very tired as well, so consider at least a thermal top. Off-road shoes are a must of the running leg, as the trail is very technical. 

The One Day event has got one cut off: you cannot start the final running leg after 4:50 PM.

The race is designed having adventure racers of all levels of skill in mind, you do not have to be a Pro to do the event. 

Moreover, for the majority of the field, it’s more about a personal challenge, rather than competing against opponents. Although there are small, friendly battles at all levels. 

In other words, yes, you’re totally welcome and every finisher will get a finisher’s medal at the end of the race. 

Even though the race is very tough, it’s totally achievable for the first-timers. However, we strongly recommend starting with the Two Day event and also make sure you practice mountain biking, trail running and downriver paddling. 

This is a physically demanding event that requires tremendous effort and appropriate training is needed. If you can run a marathon and have got some off-road experience, you should be able to complete the course.

At the moment we’re working on some options and they will be published in the news section and sent to all registered participants ASAP.  For today, we have got arrangements for the shuttle to the start. It can be booked ($25, booking available after 1st of March) and it will be an option to get your bike and kayak transported to the start. These services will involve minor additional fees.

During pre-race communication, the information will be provided of approximate fast and slow times for each leg. During the race, each participant and/or team will carry a tracker that will transmit their exact location. This information will be shown live on the event website, so all support will be able to follow their racers online. 

One-Day Solo competitors will race for a share of the $4000 cash pool. 

Female and Male:

  • 1st  $1000
  • 2nd $700
  • 3rd $300


Additionally, they will receive $AJ vouchers that can be used towards other events entries. 

All other categories will receive $AJ vouchers with the total prize pool being over $4000.

Each competitor will receive finisher’s medal.

Both AR Duo and AR Duo packraft teams race as a pair completing the entire course within 2 days.  Each team consists of two racers. In both categories members of a team race together all legs of the course. The only difference is that: 

  1. for AR Duo double Spirit CTR kayak, 2x paddles and 2x PFDs are supplied as a part of the entry;
  2. for AR Duo Packraft, teams will have to supply their own double packraft, (or 2x single packrafts), paddles and pfds. Paddles and Pfds can be hired during registration.

We would strongly encourage you to stay in Mt Baw Baw village.

"All competitors in the event will be offered a 20% discount on accommodation. Our chef is currently finalizing a meal deal that will also be available. To book with the discount competitors and their families will need to ring guest services to make their booking. The number is (03) 5165 1136 OR online booking at https://mountbawbaw.com.au/accommodation The code is BBX21! Valid for the Friday - Sunday of the event."

Here are a few reasons why this is the best option:

  1. SUPPORT MOUNT BAW BAW. They support us
  2. one day competitors are expected to finish from late to very late. The restaurant will be open. it is too late to drive
  3. unsupported logistics will be run from the mt BAW BAW resort. It is pick up and drop off location for all shuttles
  5. PRESENTATIONS will be run at the MOunt BAW BAW, lunchtime Sunday
  8. Have your portion of CLEAN mountain AIR. 


Call 03 5165 1136 or online https://mountbawbaw.com.au/accommodation to claim this offer.